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Reddit Poster Warns Is Dangerous

1 min read
Scam Alert

A Reddit poster who goes by the handle HeroicLife claims to run a Bitcoin wallet recovery service. The Reddit poster alleges that millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin have been stolen from people who have used to generate private keys for a Bitcoin paper wallet.

His post reads:

The Reddit poster states that customers are contacting him having lost significant amounts of Bitcoin due to creating compromised private keys through The original owner of the site sold it 2018, and the new owner appears to be using it for criminal endeavors.

HeroicLife suggests that users submit abuse complaints to the domain registrar, the web host, cloudflare, and netcraft.

It is strongly encouraged that anyone who has used and had Bitcoin stolen as a result to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission by visiting this web page for information on how to do so, and this page to file the actual complaint.