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Bellevue Network – BLV

Bellevue Network is described to be a decentralized price-reactive cryptocurrency, which is backed by an integrated, transparent and open source treasury. The in-built treasury plays an important part of the overall success of the project, as it ensures enough funds will be available for the various expenses which are necessary for accelerated growth. The treasury mechanism relies on the votes of stakers with sufficient privileges, who will cast their votes on how project funds should be allocated.The protocol also utilizes a mechanism in which the native tokens supply is dynamically adjusted and reactive to the price of the token compared to the value of other larger currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. When the price of the token relatively appreciates, holders are rewarded with
extra tokens. The inflation is balanced by the burning mechanism, which is tacked onto token transfers. Each transfer will attract a fee, which is burnt, effectively reducing the supply. The transfer fees involved in transactions will incentivise holders of the token to hold for longer periods, long term holders also receive extra rewards.

Visit the official Bellevue Network website.