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Bloody Token – BLOODY

BLOODY is a deflationary elastic experiment that clots if it doesn’t circulate.
How does clotting work?
Whenever the BLOODY transfer volume increases, everyone’s BLOODY balance gets a little bit bigger, whenever the BLOODY transfer volume decreases, everyone’s BLOODY balance gets a little bit smaller.
How is it deflationary?
Whenever there’s a BLOODY transfer, it spills. The faster it circulates, the higher the spill rate.
How often are rebases?
Hourly. After a rebase, transfers are frozen for 5 minutes.
How are BLOODY liquidity providers incentivized?
Half the spills are redistributed to BLOODY liquidity providers (up to 6% of ANY transfer).
A BLOODY-ROT pool will be added to Rottenswap on Halloween.
How is BLOODY initially distributed?
BLOODY cannot be minted, it is distributed once on Oct 27th 2020 to ROT holders with a balance above 7,500. The snapshot block (11106871) was chosen at random
20% of airdrop supply is allocated to a marketing/dev fund for the ROT ecosystem (was requested and voted on in multiple governance proposals, not my personal preference).
Are contracts audited?
BLOODY is written 100% from scratch, not tested nor audited. It is NOT secure, use at your own risk.
What does it BLOODY do?
Nothing, it is an experiment with no purpose.

Visit the official Bloody Token website.