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Buccaneer V2 – BUCC

Buccaneer V2 is an ERC-contract that aims to enable private and untraceable transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. True privacy means no balances show and no transactions incoming or outgoing show either. Not even the creator of Buccaneer V2 can see any transactions or wallet balances. Buccaneer V2 builds upon the privacy of Buccaneer V1 with a multitude of additions, improvements, and refinements. Buccaneer V2 is fully compatible with any Ethereum contract or DEX while maintaining it’s privacy. Buccaneer V2 scrambles and destroys traces constantly. The effectiveness and randomness of Buccaneer V2 grow exponentially as more addresses use and transact with BUCC as transactions change the state of the contract.

Visit the official Buccaneer V2 website.