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Elynet – ELYX

Elynet aims to create a new mobile ecosystem where all consumers have access to affordable mobile service plans from around the world. Anytime. Anywhere. It offers unprecedented telecom disruption and provides full telecom services, powered by blockchain technology.1) Eliminate Single Carrier Dependency
For the first time ever, seamlessly switch between user’s domestic network and the ELYNET network right from their phone.
Users can avoid home carrier’s roaming or data overage fees by switching to ELYNET before getting charged and also can get service coverage in areas or countries your domestic provider doesn’t offer.2) No More Travel Hassles
Data packages work anywhere in the world, regardless of which currency or country users purchased in. No need of foreign SIM cards, E-SIMs and Wi-Fi eggs.
Better yet, our data packages are so affordable that you won’t think about relying on spotty public Wi-Fi ever again.3) Stay Connected
Our “hand-off” technology ensures seamless connection, even when switching between Wi-Fi and LTE. P2P international calling with ELYNET is practically free, and the best part is, user’s home cell phone number never changes.
The purchased data never expires, so users won’t have to worry about needlessly topping up every month4) Shared Economy
Purchased data can be shared between users and users have the ability to resell any unused data as well

Visit the official Elynet website.