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HBTC Captain Token – HBC

HBC is described as the token for the Mainnet of HBTC Chain which will upgrade the current ERC20 version of BHEX Token (BHT). HBC inherits the rights and interests of it’s predecessor BHT Token. HBC represents the key element for the three businesses of Bluehelix which includes HBTC Exchange, HBTC Chain and Bluehelix Cloud. HBC carries two major innovations:A .Brand New 10x Repurchase (PE) ModelHBTC will use 100% of the business income in the brand new 10x PE repurchase scheme. HBTC will conduct a daily repurchase of HBC in the secondary market on HBTC Exchange with the formula (10x PE = HBC price / annualized income of HBC * 10) which creates a support for HBC and a solution to the drawbacks of buyback-and-burn which has no effect on increasing the price of token but the platform business keep growing.B. Brand New HBTC Captain Incentive ModelHBTC will use 50% of the HBC tokens obtained from the daily repurchase scheme to reward the HBTC Captains for their contribution to the exchange. Any user who holds 1000 HBC can apply to become a HBTC Captain. The role of a “HBTC Captain” is that of a value-sharing with platform co-builder of HBTC Exchange. HBTC Captains use their influential capabilities and expertise to help expand and maintain the HBTC community and to drive trading business and project listings for HBTC Exchange. HBTC Exchange will share the growth in revenue with our Captains through the brand new 10x Repurchase (PE) model.The goal of a HBTC Captain is to create a new concept of self-employment in the new century. Its working style is similar to that of Amazon Merchants and Youtuber. However, unlike Amazon Merchants and Youtuber, HBTC Captains will receive not only commission-sharing through mechanisms such as invitation rebates but will also benefit from the growth of HBTC Exchange.

Visit the official HBTC Captain Token website.