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HubDao – HD

HubDAO proposes a solution to aggregate lending, which can aggregate the lending liquidity of Compound,
AAVE and other DEFI applications. HubDAO also runs its own lending platform, lending zone, to provide users
with more personalized services. In addition, users who provide liquidity to HubDAO can also participate in
farming and receive additional rewards. But most importantly, HubDAO adopts the organizational mode of DAO
(decentralized autonomous organization) to best optimize for democratic governance.
HubDAO is aiming to build a Decentralized Financial Autonomous Organization ecosystem. The Hub refers to
the hub of the “”hub and spoke (H&S) system,”” which is like the central point at which various spokes on a bike
wheel converge.
The DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is quite different from the common company organization,
which is often a centralized management that makes decisions based on the opinions and the votes of the top
leaders of the company. Thus, in order to decentralize the decision-making of the DAO, the operation and
development of overall governance depends on the distribution of the votes to enable a complete direct democratic
governance system. However, the problem is that the efficiency is low and it is difficult to count everyone’s votes.
The Blockchain technology makes this DAO vision possible, as the voting system on the chain is efficient.
Individuals can show different voting weights by holding onto different numbers of tokens.
Hence, HubDAO is a decentralized ecosystem in which the volunteers participate in the management by using
the blockchain technology to build a community operation and autonomous decentralized financial ecosystem
based on direct democratic governance. HubDAO improves the external scalability of the original decentralized
finance system by combining various external platforms, financial services and hub and spoke (H & S) system.

Visit the official HubDao website.