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Quantfury Token – QTF

What Is Quantfury Token (QTF)?The QTF token represents the Quantfury trading platform’s economy and its business model, allowing token holders to share ownership of the platform’s spread revenues. QTF tokens earn the average spread value between the bid and ask prices for all trade positions closed by Quantfury app users on a monthly basis.Quantfury is a new paradigm of brokerage available on App Store and Google Play globally (excluding the United States and Canada) from December 2018, with a user base from more than 100 countries and a daily average trading volume of over $500,000,000. Quantfury app lets users trade and invest in stocks, crypto pairs, index and commodity futures contracts at their real-time spot prices of global and crypto exchanges with zero fees of any kind.More about the Quantfury TeamQuantfury was founded in 2017 by Lev Mazur and a number of financial industry veterans with a combined 100+ years of financial markets and product experience. Founding team members include and are not limited to Alexander Kalenkov, a financial technology professional with 20+ years of senior banking experience and Roman Kashcheev, who helps oversee the Company’s platform today. In addition, the Company employs other senior leadership, including Luke Brindle, with over 20 years of hedge fund and financial markets experience. Early investors and advisors include Invictus Hyperion Fund, one of the world’s foremost blockchain venture capital firms, and Pourdad Capital Partners, an early-stage fintech investment firm. Daniel Schwartzkopff, CEO of Invictus Capital, has advised Quantfury from its inception and continues to be instrumental in its success today. In addition, Ali Pourdad, a Canadian Chartered Accountant, is also day-to-day with Quantfury and focuses on the Company’s strategy and leadership.Today the team consists of over 100 financial and technology professionals working in various capacities in 6 countries around the world.What makes the Quantfury Token (QTF) unique?QTF token was launched in June 2019 on Ethereum blockchain and represents one of the first successful tokens of DeFi, and the associated market boom in trading of retail investors globally.The QTF token holders share ownership and proportional rights to Quantfury Data Token (QDT). Every time a trade position is closed within the Quantfury app, a QDT token is created, which represents the average spread value between the bid and ask prices for all trade positions closed by Quantfury trading app users for that particular calendar month. QDT tokens are proportionally distributed among QTF token holders on a monthly basis, and are sold back through the smart contract for ETH and burned. By holding QTF, token holders have been earning a proportional amount of spread revenues based on all trades made within the Quantfury app every month since June 2019.Global brokerages have been involved in churning and burning their users with artificial market prices and various fees for a very long time. Quantfury app and QTF token makes the opaque business model of global brokerages transparent, fair and shareable.Related Links“Fintech Firm Launches App For Crypto Owners to Trade All Markets Without Any Fees”, Cointelegraph“Quantfury Adds Dash, Enables Holders to Trade Crypto, Currencies, Stocks, Commodities”, Dashnews“Use Qtum to Trade Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, and More With Quantfury”, Qtum BlogHow many Quantfury Token (QTF) coins are in circulation?There is a total fixed supply of 100,000,000 QTF tokens, out of which 10,000,000 QTF tokens are in circulating supply. There has been one limited private sale of tokens between May and June of 2019. During this sale, the Company made a private sale of approximately 5,000,000 QTF tokens to a group of 100 private investors that are in circulating supply, where those QTF token holders received approximately $1.4 million in spread revenues as of January 2021. The rest of the 5,000,000 QTF tokens in circulating supply belong to Quantfury.How is the Quantfury Token (QTF) Network secured?QTF is an ERC-20 token. The Ledger Nano X/S hardware wallet allows users to securely store and manage the QTF tokens via its Ethereum app.Where can you buy the Quantfury Token (QTF)?At the time of writing, Quantfury Token (QTF) can be bought, sold and traded on Uniswap.

Visit the official Quantfury Token website.