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RI Token – RI

XIOTRI claims to be a community based protocol for fair multi-asset collateral yield exposure. XIOTRI tokens were created and distributed directly to its community of supporters. There was no presale. Holders of XIOTRI tokens strictly gain value by participating in the XIOTRI yield farming ecosystem. The staking mechanism is still under construction and will be deployed after exhaustive testing to ensure a bug free release.XIOTRI has formulated a unique algorithm that rewards its participants in liquidity mining through the contribution of assets to the ecosystem, but disincentives being overly greedy. Inflation is reduced over a 3 year period to continually provide value to help sustain token value. The algorithm allows more users to participate in the staking process and receive rewards rather than the spoils being garnished by a few causing the ecosystem to lose its balance. An even playing field has been conceptualized with XIOTRI!

Visit the official RI Token website.