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SherLOCK Security – LOCK

SherLOCK Security is described to be a decentralized liquidity custody, audit group, token sale organizing service, dapp incubator and secure launchpad for new projects.LOCK claims to put an end to scams by providing a safe, secure, and trustworthy launchpad for developing cryptocurrency projects looking to enhance investor confidence and become part of a larger mutually beneficial partner network.It is claimed that LOCKs’ liquidity and team token custody program can be tailored to custom fit any size project looking to utilize launchpad services. Each project will be reviewed independently for the best development plan and release of team tokens or liquidity, LOCKs custody ensuring agreed upon team milestones and development goals are hit.Presale ‘gas wars’ is another big issue not being tackled currently. In the presale launch phase of a new project, ‘gas wars’ ruin new investor experiences due to high gas fees and rushed mouse clicking to be first in line. It is further claimed that LOCK will utilize a unique token sale and distribution method which will eliminate gas wars for early buyers and also prevent early buyer dumping through time-locked release of presale tokens to investors.LOCK plans to develop a partner network through its launchpad projects, adding further value through use of partner coin holding requirements or registration fees for future LOCK presales. These holding requirements serve to benefit all partners within the network by further decentralizing tokens while creating a robust and healthy uber community of partner coins. Meet and collaborate with other projects in the network, develop additional use cases and value adds through partner networking.

Visit the official SherLOCK Security website.