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Trism – TRISM

What Is Trism (TRISM)?Trism is an NFT art collectables and financial asset creator supported by it’s own native token ‘trism’. Trism aims to offer NFT’s that enable the project to generate sustainable revenue by sharing in P2P and initial sale transaction fees. Ultimately the project aims to allow users to purchase NFT’s with baked in APR returns, released by returning the NFT to a smart contract. Recurring revenue generated by the project, driven by trading of issued NFT’s, will be re-distributed to holders via staking of liquidity net of fixed non-personnel costs. TRISM is the native utility token that is used for:buy and sell NFT’s from the trism collectables series on Opensea and Rariblestake in liquidity farms for non-dilutive token gainDAO voting on future developments and strategic decisionsHow Many TRISM tokens Are There in Circulation?TRISM token was launched via airdrop distribution on 5th December 2020 with 1 million TRISM tokens created. 95% of all tokens were ultimately distributed for free via airdrop with 25k retained by the founder and 25k by the Trism: Fund and Asset wallet belonging to the project. Minting function has been burned so there will be no more than 1 million TRISM tokens. The project reserves the right to burn tokens acquired via in market purchase or proceeds of sales.Who Are the Founders of Trism?The founders of Trism are UK based and maintain professional employment outside of the project minimising costs. All costs to date have been covered by the founders with no recourse to fundraising. Given the ultimate aim is to switch to DAO model as soon as viable, the founders choose to remain anonymous. Trism is advised by Online Blockchain Plc.Where Can I Buy Trism (TRISM)?TRISM is available for trading on both decentralised and centralised exchanges, with cryptocurrency and stable coin pairs currently available.[SouthXchange]

Visit the official Trism website.