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Latest News On Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and All Cryptocurrencies – YFI3 is a yield aggregator for DeFi lending platforms that rebalances for highest yield during contract interaction which supports Compound, dYdX, Aave and DDEX protocols. When users put their money into the platform, it automatically transfers the assets into the protocol that has the highest yield, and returns a proof of stake called yToken. Users can send back yTokens at any time to withdraw their deposits along with the interest.YFI3 is the token for community governance and the key to farming yields of various DeFi platforms. It is used for revenue allocation and voting in the YFI3 DAO.The total supply of YFI3 is 40,000. Each of the two pools will be emitting 15,000 tokens to yield farmers, starting at 10,000 in the first week halving every 7 days. The number of tokens farmed is in proportion to the liquidity farmers provide to the pools. YFI3 will be completely distributed in the following 10 weeks.

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